Array 3751A

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Carico elettronico 0-150A, 0-240V, 0-2000W


Famiglia di carichi elettronici di alta potenza fino a 2 KW dal prezzo molto competitivo.  Questi  strumenti  programmabili  sono adatti  sia nelle applicazioni di laboratorio che nei sistemi automatici di test quindi in produzione. Questi carichi elettronici che vengono forniti con il software di utilizzo “plug and play” sono facilmente programmabili grazie al linguaggio SCPI e i driver Labview.

Le maggiori caratteristiche sono:

  • 4 basic testing modes: CC, CV, CR and CP;
  • 12 basic working modes: CCL, CCH, CVL, CVH, CRL, CRH, CP, CCL+CV, CCH+CV,CRL+CV, CRH+CV, CP+CV;
  • The D/A conversion rate can reach 500 KHz and the high speed performance is overall increased
  • Minimum operating voltage is less than 1.8V at the load’s full rated current
  • The maximum current can be also when the input voltage is 0V
  • The load is with powerful protection function and is reliable in the most complicated test environment
  • High resolution TFT-LCD display
  • High-speed transient test function: the maximum test frequency can reach 50 kHz and the current response speed can be 15A/us.
  • The high-efficiency intelligent cooling system can ensure the equipment has a long-term, full-power, trouble-free and continuous work
  • Automatic ON/OFF function effectively simply the test operation
  • Supporting SCPI and LabView and providing necessary PC software

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