LUCEO SFP + Tester

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Single channel 2-13 Gbps electrical Bit Error Rate Tester with clock, SFP + O/E Converter & optical modules


Tutto in un unico mainframe. L’ SFP + Tester esegue test di sensibilità completa su un ricetrasmettitore in fibra ottica a singolo canale. Include una sorgente Clock, il Bit Error Rate Test e tutti i moduli ottici


  • POW4: Mainframe with power supply
  • GP-4: Module for GPIB/USB communication
  • CLK20-2: Clock source 20GHz with divider output and multiplier function
  • EPG10-6: Pattern generator 2-13G
  • Option 144: Data rate extension up to 14.4G for EPG10-6
  • EED10-6: Electrical error detector 2-13G
  • Option 145: Data rate extension up to 14.4G for EED10-6
  • Option 147: Differential data inputs for EED10-6
  • iCMSFP-1: internal O/E converter with SFP+ slot
  • VOAMM-1: Variable optical attenuator multimode with splitter output
  • OPM: Optical power meter
  • EED10-6: Error detector up to 14.4G

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